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Fedenico Food Distribution: Enjoy Colombian Culture

Colombia keeps among its biodiverse lands and its multiple cultural roots a number of flavors that are unique treasures and resources for those who taste them. So much so that the Colombian and Latino community uses many of the country’s traditional ingredients when it comes to giving a special touch to any meal. Today we tell you about 5 foods from Colombia that every lover of good food should know.


One of the most representative ingredients of Colombian culture is panela, also known as rapadura. It is a natural sweetener obtained from sugarcane juice that has been boiled, dried, and cut into chunks. Thanks to its original appearance it has become one of the favorite products for large companies that produce food in bulk. Its sweet taste is softer than most sugars, and because is organically produced, Panela often takes the place as a favorite sweetener over sugar for many foods, dishes, and desserts in Colombia.


Lulo is a fruit native to Colombia that has nothing to envy other citrus fruits. It is rich in vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. Its citric-sweet flavor makes it perfect as an ingredient for juices, syrups, desserts, and jams. From the family of the passion fruit, it also has antimicrobial properties to help with digestion and gut health. It is often used in Colombian kitchens for juices and dressings, and some people even eat it raw with panela.

Arepa de Chócolo

At first sight, arepas de chócolo might look like a regular arepa, but then you take a bite and taste the sweet flavor of the chócolo, a type of corn used in the baking process, and it’s a whole different story. Very common in the Caribbean coast of Colombia, arepa de chócolo is a go-to breakfast for a fun day and delicious food you cannot miss.


Another sweet tooth delight, arequipe is a typical Colombian muss that goes well with any coffee break. This hazelnut flavored milk caramel (similar to the dulce de leche) can be made in different ways, but the most common recipe uses sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, sugar, and vanilla. It is often served with cake or cookies but it’s perfect on its own as a delicate dessert low in sugar.

Where can I find Colombia Food Distributors?

With Fedenico you can taste traditional Colombian products of the best quality. Our company supplies its customers with authentic Colombian foods and products, and we are committed to always helping bring fresh ideas for their restaurants and businesses to life.

Visit today at 105 NW 13th Ave. Pompano Beach, FL, or contact us through our website, and discover all the resources and products we have to make your business flourish. Come join our Colombian party full of flavor and style!

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